Design Brief:

A series of four postcards designed to represent various colour schemes; analogous, triad, complementary, and split-complementary. We were encouraged to portray a specific theme or hobby using our postcards as the medium. I decided to illustrate various ethnic foods in relation to my personal background, as it relates to travel. 

Every year, my family and I go on different family vacations, both locally and around the globe, and I find that it is a fantastic chance to experience the different cultures and learn about a place’s history and significance. Whenever we travel anywhere, my family has this rule that we are only allowed to eat the food of the country, instead of fast food places like McDonald’s or Subway. If we like a country’s food, we generally try to incorporate it into our daily cooking when we get back home. This is especially true for foods with cultural significance to my family, personally. Generally, when cooking, my family tends to make foods that stem from our ethnic background, and so when we travel to these places in particular, we get to see how certain dishes are made in the actual country they originated from vs our home cooking.

I therefore wanted to portray the various foods and meals from my background on my postcards in order to inform and educate the viewer on the different cultures and cuisine from each location. I am part Venezuelan, Italian, Irish and Scottish, so these are the countries I chose to depict on the cards. I chose certain colour schemes that I thought both worked well on the vector images visually, while also remaining fairly accurate to the actual colour of the foods. 

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